About us – Pradelli S.r.l

Founded in 1945 by Franco Pradelli, Pradelli S.r.l. is active in the field of structural engineering through prefabricated systems of industrialized constructions. It deals with the design, production and the assembly of steel structures and integrated components of roofing and cladding.

Since its enstablishment, Pradelli S.r.l. designed and produced approximately 95.000 tonnes of steel (carbon steel, alloy steel, high-strength steel, stainless steel). Over the years it had designed and constructed civil, industrial and military buildings, systems for trading sand, machinery for building, tubing, piping and at high and low pressure and spatial network structures.

TÜV Rheinland certified that Pradelli S.r.l. applies quality control systems in observance of ISO 9001, ISO 3834 and UNI EN 1090-2.

The company Pradelli S.r.l. – steel constructors since 1945 owns a SOA certification for the execution of public works for: OS 18 A category (steel structures), and OS 33 (special roofing). Since July 2010 it works as transformation centre, as attested by the certificate n.884 issued by Ministry of Public Works, Central Technical Department.

Over the last years, the metal framing Pradelli S.r.l. has been oriented in design, production and the assembly of space frame structures. Using the space frame structures, it has been specialized in the construction of coverages of any size.

A small room, a stadium stand, a gas station and also a church could be covered using the space frame structures. Swimming pools, shelters, shopping malls, industrial halls, roofs and exhibition spaces could be constructed using the space frame structures.